Instructions for online Submission of details for "C" forms to Punjab Excise department

The Excise and taxation department, Government of Punjab has issued a public notice on 15.07.2020 directing all assessees to submit various forms (Form C, E, F, etc) in the support of interstate sales.

The assessees has been directed to do self assessment and deposit the requisite tax and interest, if applicable, on the inter- state sales under CST act that are not supported by the statutory forms by 17.08.2020, which was further extended to 01.09.2020. Now the facility to upload details has been provided on The detailed instructions and screenshots explaining how submit information is provided here in the post.

Link to form for submitting information on Statutory forms:-


1. On entering the TIN number and Assessment year, your total inter-state sales value as per returns and as per books based on VAT 20 returns will be displayed.

2. The above mentioned values are followed by links for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 with total sales value for the respective quarter as per VAT 18 returns.

3. On clicking a particular Quarter, the details submitted in VAT Form 18 will be made visible. Only the 3 columns where details related to forms (Form no., date etc) are to be entered are editable.

4. If you intend to submit all forms regarding which reflected in VAT 18 you can “tick” the “select all” box on top left corner of the box. Otherwise ensure to tick only the appropriate entry/box in the first column in pre-filled form 18 regarding which the relevant form is being submitted and thereafter fill the form details in the corresponding boxes.

5. The value of the forms submitted for the quarter will be auto-calculated.

6. If you wish to enter the form details in multiple sittings, please make sure to save each row (by pressing save tab at right end) so that the data gets saved and is auto-fetched next time.

7. Please note that the rows in the already submitted VAT 18 returns can’t be deleted. However, if a particular row data is incorrect, you may not select the same but add a fresh row with correct data.

8. A provision has been made for addition of row in each quarter to submit details of any form that may have been mentioned in some other quarter for various reasons.

9. On adding a row, the TIN number of the seller (Your TIN number) is pre-filled for your convenience. After addition of the row, please ensure to select the box at the start of the row.

10. Summation of all Goods values for the rows tick marked and those added (and tick marked) shall be done for all the four quarters together towards the end. Please verify the total value of forms being submitted with this value.

11. The balance (pending forms) value will be auto-calculated. Please note that the balance is being calculated on the variation from the book value as reflected in VAT 20 and not from the returns, and therefore you need not worry about a particular wrong entry in VAT 18 returns which is incorrect. The auto-filled data is only for your facilitation.

12. Calculate your pending tax and interest liability on account of balance Goods value which are not supported by requisite statutory forms.

13. You may discharge your tax liability through treasury/online and mention the amount paid, treasury challan no. and date. Your balance tax liability based on self assessment will be displayed.

14. Submit the form.

15. Visit the concerned ward officer and submit the physical copies of the forms.

16. Acknowledgement can be downloaded from this website, once the forms have been accepted by the concerned ward officer. A separate link for the same has been made available on home page.

17. For any issues please mail at or call at 01752300419/ 01752225192.


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CA Tarun Kumar Gupta


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